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BLUE Eyes, BLUE Skies, BLUE Oceans, BLUE Potions, the way I see it… all the best and most beautiful things in life are BLUE!

Painting by Ben Meyer (“The world is yours“)

Too often I get asked, “What’s with your obsession of BLUE?” The answer is simple…

BLUE is a mesmerizing hue that has captivated the hearts of many. From the stunning BLUE skies, the deep BLUE oceans, to the sparkling BLUE of a pair of shoes… I mean eyes, BLUE is a color that exudes beauty and grace.

But BLUE is more than just a pretty color, it has a profound effect on our emotions and mood. The calming and soothing qualities of BLUE have a calming effect on our psyche, making us feel confident, secure, and at peace. It’s a color that encourages reflection and contemplation, promoting feelings of inner harmony and calmness.

In nature, BLUE is abundant and can be found in the sky and the sea. It’s a color that represents freedom, open spaces, and infinite possibilities. It’s no wonder that BLUE has always been associated with creativity, imagination, and inspiration. Whether it’s an artist seeking new ideas, or a writer seeking to express their thoughts, BLUE has a way of nurturing the mind and encouraging the flow of ideas.

For those seeking stability and reliability, BLUE is the color for you. It represents honesty, trust, and loyalty, making it the perfect hue for building relationships. Its association with wisdom, faith, and intelligence, makes it the perfect color to promote calm, rational thinking, and informed decision-making.

BLUE is a color of contrasts, symbolizing both freedom and stability, creativity and reliability. Whether it’s gazing into the endless BLUE skies, or taking a dip in the calm BLUE waters, there’s something truly magical about this mesmerizing hue that has captured the hearts of many. Throughout our journey it has become the sole color representing the AdVenture brand and newly launched Project Blue Nose!

So next time you go out… make sure to put on something BLUE along with a BLUE Nose!


William Kobrin

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