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Introduction: Collaboration with FGCU Alumni Association

In February, we were privileged to collaborate with the FGCU Alumni Association on a feature video for their 2023 Alumni Awards ceremony. It was an honor to donate our services to FGCU, and we always jump at any given opportunity to work with them.

Our task was to create a video showcasing the story of Stefanie Ink-Edwards, CEO of Community Cooperative in Fort Myers, and her achievement of the Alumni of Distinction award.

This video was to be played at the 2023 Alumni Awards, just before the award presentation, and followed by a brief speech from Stefanie.

Interview Process and Creative Control

The Alumni Association did provide us with a few interview questions, but they gave us complete creative control over the project. We interviewed two individuals: Keith Banasiak, COO of Waste USA and Board Chairman, and Jenna Persons-Mulicka, Florida State Representative and Stefanie’s close friend.

Stefanie and her team are always at the forefront, tirelessly distributing food to those in need. During the pandemic, they did not miss a single Meals on Wheels delivery. After Hurricane Ian, Stefanie ensured that Community Cooperative continued serving the community when so many were hurting. She truly is making an impact on the community and continues to help those in need.

Filming Location and Composition

We chose an exterior location for the interviews, with Community Cooperative’s garden in the background. Camera A’s composition framed the subjects within an archway, which added a sense of importance. We had the interviewees sit on a bench, which helped to create a more relaxed feel for the video.

Together with Jared, our marketing director, we set up the scene, composed the shots, and developed the narrative. We used a soft key light to illuminate their faces and a second hair light to provide depth to the shot.

For the B-roll shots, we opted for handheld moments to give the video an organic and human feel. We also included aerial shots of the area to present the location, with downtown Fort Myers in the background. These shots grounded the location in the larger city context while also highlighting the close proximity to the local community.

During the video editing process, I decided to include an impromptu interview with Stefanie to help create a more cohesive story. I was mindful of not portraying her as boastful, so I asked questions centered around FGCU and her staff volunteers. Ultimately, this decision helped to tie everything together seamlessly.

Inspiration and Giving Back

As an agency that often works with upscale country clubs, it is always a joy to give back to the community and create work that inspires positive change. It is super important to me that we create things that raise awareness, makes an impact, and positively affect people’s lives.

We were truly inspired by Stefanie and the work of Community Cooperative.

It is an honor to be part of the FGCU family and to contribute to the positive transformation of our community.

Wings up!

Creative Director

Peyton Schaefer